Repair Clark County

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Age Group: Adults

Program description

Bring your bicycles, clothing, small home appliances, small electronics, jewelry, or tools/knives that need sharpening, and skilled volunteers "fixers" will try to repair them or help you fix them! Bring one item each and you must be present during the repair. If multiple items are brought, you will need to re-enter the line for your additional item after one repair is completed. If you have them bring replacement parts (i.e. cords, zippers) specific to the broken item for fixers to use in the repair. Bring items small enough to be easily carried by one person. Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, dirty or have a strong odor.

There are no guarantees an item can be fixed, or that attempting to fix it won’t break it even more, but fixers will be available to diagnose problems and offer their best, unbiased advice. Replacement parts may be available for sale at a low cost (i.e. cords, spark plugs).

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