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Inspire your imagination and develop your STEM skills. You never know what we'll build with: LEGO® bricks, blocks, boxes, or other fun materials.

Join us on Facebook for a challenge presented by a member of our staff. You might even recognize them from your local library. Not available at 2 pm on Mondays? These will be recorded for later viewing. Each week we'll suggest an at-home activity. You can share a photo and a story about your creation with us and other builders in the comments on Facebook. This activity is open to and fun for all ages. You can also view the recording here.

Build a bridge between two objects in your home. How big a gap can your bridge span and how much weight can it support? Can it support an action figure? A mug? What about a book? How strong is your bridge?

THINK about how bridges are constructed. Are they all built the same, or do they sometimes use different shapes and structures to meet their goals?

BUILD a bridge using materials available in your home. Legos, blocks, cardboard, string, and paper can all make good building materials. What materials do you have that would make a good bridge and how will you connect them? 

SHARE pictures and stories from this week’s Build It by tagging us on Instagram (@fvrlibraries) and Facebook (@fvrldistrict). 



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