Talewise: Aliens Escape from Earth

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Buckle up for an action-packed, out-of-this-world adventure that explores science concepts like the solar system, desert habitats and more! During a midnight meteor shower, something mysterious falls from the sky — but it’s not a shooting star. Two curious kids venture into the desert to investigate … and find themselves mixed up with visitors from another planet! Pursued by a zany space scientist, Hailey and Caesar must rescue the aliens and get them back to their spaceship before it’s too late!
Talewise was started in 2004 by Andrew Piccirillo. Back then it was called ScienceTellers, and the idea was to teach kids science through storytelling. Now, our stories are animated to be even more engaging. And through advances in technology, we have multiple ways for your young learners to experience our educational shows. https://talewise.com/
Watch the video as many times as you'd like through August 31, 2021. Go to https://talewise.me/fvrl and enter password: ufo.




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