Japanese Cultural 'Edutainment' & Music

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Learn and be entertained! Have fun as Yumi shares Japanese Culture through music using Japanese instruments and more.

Expand your world with this entertaining (and educational) presentation as Takohachi introduces Japanese culture through music. This amazing show highlights Japanese instruments, including the taiko drum, bamboo flute, and shamisen (Japanese lute).

Yumi Torimaru is the founder, artistic director, and core performer of Takohachi. With Kotori Japanese Music, she focuses more on Education of Japanese culture and Japanese music. Yumi’s childhood dream was to become a scientist. After more than 10 years working at a genetics lab in Portland, Oregon, she now is pursuing her grownup dream, to be a musician.

Yumi (Kotori) grew up in the two cultures, and her music lives in both. She considers herself as a hybrid of Japanese and American. Her music practices Onkochishin (温故知新), “Developing new ideas based on study of the past”. She continues to learn Tsugaru Shamisen and Shinobue from teachers in Japan, and her music is full of Japanese essences with some hybrid expressions.



View the video as often as you'd like, July 5 at 10:30 am through August 31, 2022, at https://www.youtube.com/user/FVRLvirtual.


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