Hidden: Lore of Cryptid Creatures with Storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung

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The world is full of stories of Cryptid Creatures, oddities, which resist our every effort to reveal the unseen. Join storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung as we explore the legends and lore of cryptids such as the Chupacabra, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, and Sasquatch. We will delve into the eye witness accounts and lore of these and other bizarre and puzzling creatures, which are reported to be hiding in plain sight.

Born in Hawaii, Alton Takiyama-Chung, was the best Japanese-Korean howler in the whole hospital. Upon taking him home, his exhausted parents decided that enough was enough and that is how he became the youngest child of his family. Growing up in Hawaii, he listened to elders, friends, and family “talk story.” (In Hawaii, people don’t gossip, they “talk story.”) He learned about the stories and superstitions of the islands and gained respect for the beliefs of different cultures. As a performer, Alton tells Asian folk tales and Hawaiian legends with respect and authenticity.


View the video as often as you'd like, July 26 at 10:30 am through August 31, 2022, at https://www.youtube.com/user/FVRLvirtual.


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